His Best Work To Date!

Newell's stunning collection of work for 2011 is fresh, possibly unique in it's incorporation of natural wold in the form of rain, wind and sun.

Environmentally friendly process
John's Methods and materials employ the least environmentally invasive so far available which includes a two stage evaporation system that separates water from left over and used pigments. Over the last two years the residue has so far amounted to less than an 8 ounces. This method has now been in use for two years. To date all of the residues have amounted to a tiny lump of pigment weighting a few ounces.

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The pollution Matrix

There will be an answer

First there was a mountain

Friends of extinction

Let it be





Getting Here

John learned to draw at the age of four. In 1970 he completed a massive 48" x 96" watercolour mural on unsanded masonite, for his High School art project. Called the "Pollution Matrix", it was followed the same year by "Harvesting Rice" his first project outside of school

"I was encouraged to paint by my girl friend’s mother who worked for an art supplies distributor. She gave me the paints, boards and canvases to get me started." says John

His early training included a 1 yr. Technical Illustration course at Sheridan College; achieveing a Grade A. John was ready for the commercial world, but things didn't go according to plan.

"In 1973, I tried to make a full time career of art but that crashed when I received six rubber cheques in a row from different customers for my paintings at Christmas that year. I had to get a job."

John started working for Sears as a Visual Merchandiser/designer/project manager but kept painting on the side.
He continued to take Retail Administration at Ryerson in an effort to learn enough about business to his own company successfully – especially in the art field.
He left Sears in 1987 to start Jondy Retail Interiors Inc. – an interior design/build company. Architectural Renderings became an important avenue to company growth.

In the 1990’s he teamed up with a partner and formed Walker/Newell Display by Design to produce seasonal displays and installations. The artwork was foundational for this very successful venture until a global market downturn killed the entire business sector in Canada.

Whle Jondy Retail Interiors Inc. also appeared to be struggling, John's health declined to the point where only intermittent subcontracting was possible and finally no work at all was possible other than painting and writing.

In 2008 – John met Graeme Smith on the internet, who writes and teaches a business course for artists on line. "Following his advice put my art career back on a financial footing with a future." says John

With new discoveries in back treatment combined with a life-saving inner ear operation, followed by a one and a half year recovery period, John was able to start painting full-time.

Career Highlights:
2009 – invented a fluid technique that revolutionized how I paint and what I paint.
2010 – developed new painting style
2011 – entered Toronto Art Expo and sold seven paintings
2011 – hired by Select Art Galleries to manage their Uxbridge store where I could paint during slow periods.
2012 – start teaching art to interested mature students.